Week 3-linking pieces together 

Hello, this week has gone by for the most part with me continuing my new habits. As  Og Mandino has in the book”if I must be a slave to habit, let me be slave to good habits”. Monday was a day to catch up on the webinar. It also is a day where I hear on the radio a book being promoted about meditation, but what called my attention was something the author said. “Few people find peace with there world within.” Was it a coincidence? I think it was a sign, this mind thing is something I have to take serious. I’m writing this post while sitting in a hotel room attending a company event. While hearing one of the speakers (Les Brown), he says “the master key to success is to take control of your thoughts”. What’s going on? I’m going to say the reading and the new habits are working. I’m noticing more of the things I want in my life are actually happening. I’m waking up more focused on what I really want instead of on any problem I might have going on. I’ve been able to adapt better at the exercises that we are instructed to do. I’ll be heading back  home tomorrow to my family, which I miss a lot.

Until next time 



Week 2-The changes begin

I want to start by saying I’m glad to have started this journey. I’m blessed to have a wife that has always been supportive of anything I decide to start,and this is no exception. 

So week two starts and the one thing I was not expecting happens. One day I’m at the mall with my family and out of nowhere a complete stranger approaches me to talk. While in the conversation I find out we both do network marketing. It happened like I have read before,what we think about all day we attract to our life. The one interesting point I heard Mark J say was about seeing results effortlessly. I was not expecting it to be that way. In the meantime I continue to adapt the changes I was instructed to do. I wake up in the morning feeling good about the day. I have experienced it is true,if I have some purpose in my life I would feel great about the day that’s to come. I will keep posting updates regularly,but for now have a blessed day.


week 1-My experience


My name is Israel,born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico. Son of hard working,dedicated,responsible,loving and caring parents. With that being said,I was raised with the mentality of work hard to get ahead in life. I was never introduced to the concept of personal development. Growing up I was always looking how to achieve more. In that journey to achieve more,I was introduced to network marketing. What a different environment. People looking for ways to help you get better. So I started in my own search for mentors and people that have achieved what I wanted to achieve.

So my journey in the MKMMA starts. I heard of  Mark J. and this program on a podcast. I was instantly interested. It has been a really interesting and at times difficult week. As it is pointed out in the book “The greatest salesman in the world”,good habits are the key to all success. I have carried some bad habits for some years now and getting rid of them has been the difficult part. But I am committed to improving and taking control of what goes on in between my ears. As part of the program I will be posting updates of my journey. I am looking forward to this journey,what Mark calls”the heroes journey”.

Until next time,